Vintage car performance additive 200ml


Product Code: VINVNDPT90

Vintage car performance additive

Against corrosion, deposition and wear

ERC vintage performance additive protects the petrol engines of older vehicles from corrosion and deposits and improves lubricating ability.

The Effect

Older vehicles are often shut down for extended periods after the summer season. With humidity from the air or water evaporated from the fuel, corrosion is actively promoted in the fuel tank, in the fuel lines, and in the engine interior. With old fuel, sediments can arise, the fuel flow is reduced, and the injection behaviour is worsened. Dirty nozzles, inlet ports, and inlet valves impair the engine operation, and increase emissions of harmful substances and consumption as a result.

With the introduction of low-sulphur fuels, their lubricating effect on the injection and fuel system is also reduced. The consequence is increased wear. ERC vintage car performance additive protects against corrosion, increases the lubricating ability of the fuel, and prevents the build-up of new deposits. It thereby assures operational reliability and optimal consumption, particularly for older vehicles.

The Result

ERC vintage performance additive is a combination of highly effective components. It offers anti-corrosion protection against rust in fuel tanks and supply lines, as well as in the engine interior. It also has an effect on the areas of the fuel tank which are not wetted by the fuel. It contains a lubricating enhancer which is harmonised to petrol engines in older vehicles and is a performance package with cleaning additives for the cleaning and protection of fuel systems, for full engine performance, performance reliability, and consumption optimisation.

The benefits at a glance

ERC vintage performance additive: 

  • Protects against corrosion in the fuel tank, the fuel lines, and in the engine interior, particularly during seasonal or long-term periods of non-use
  • Prevents harmful deposits on carburettors, valves, injection nozzles, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber
  • Increases the lubricating ability of the fuel, thus preventing wear and assuring for optimal performance reliability, particularly for injection systems
  • Restores the optimal fuel flow and assures full engine performance
  • Saves fuels and contributes to cleaner, more environmentally-friendly combustion

ERC vintage performance additive is suitable for use in all petrol engines and is especially recommended before seasonal decommissioning.


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