Diesel plus 250ml


Product Code: DIE4NPP054

The highly-concentrated diesel additive with multi-functional active ingredient components

ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 protects against microbial growth and stabilises the fuel. It is recommended for all kinds of dieselquality, as well as bio-diesel and assures clean nozzles and optimised consumption. (250ml Sufficient for 250L of Diesel Fuel)

The Effect

Fluctuating fuel qualities can impair performance and consumption. Carbonisation on the injection nozzles increases fuel consumption. Micro-organisms can live and multiply in diesel fuels. The consequences of microbial growth are sludge formation, which results in filter clogging, and corrosion. ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 improves ignition behaviour by increasing the cetane number and protects against bacteria and fungi in the fuel. It cleans the injection nozzles and keeps them clean. ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 also contains a performance package for ageing and oxidations stabilisation.

The Result

With the use of ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 in combination with diesel fuel qualities in accordance with DIN, a cetane number improvement by up to three points and an immediate improvement of the ignition behaviour are achieved. With the highly effective anti-fouling components, the settling of bacteria is prevented in diesel fuel and microbial growth averted. ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 is also suitable for bio-diesel.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Diesel plus 1:1000:

  • Improves cold start-up, improves engine performance
  • Prevents bacteria and fungi in diesel fuel
  • Is especially recommended for seasonal vehicle decommissioning
  • Cleans the fuel system and the injection nozzles and keeps them clean
  • Protects against corrosion in fuel tanks, fuel lines, and in engine interiors
  • Results in clean combustion and reduction of emissions (e.g. soot, CO, etc.)
  • Protects the environment and improves engine performance

ERC Diesel plus 1:1000 is designed for regular use and is suitable for mineral-based and bio-diesel fuels. Relieves the diesel particulate filter (DPF suitable).

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