Engine interior cleaner 200ml


Product Code: ENGQEAS399

Doesn't give black sludge a chance

ERC engine interior cleaner prevents engine damage which can occur from black sludge build-up.

The Effect

The formation of sludge deposits, so-called black sludge in the engine, is accelerated with frugal engines with a lean mixture concept, as well as with insufficient petrol and engine oil qualities or driving the vehicle predominantly at low speeds. The ERC engine interior cleaner is added to the motor oil and dissolves all sludge build-up.

The Result

ERC engine interior cleaner assures a clean engine and secure oil supply.

The benefits at a glance

ERC engine interior cleaner:

  • Removes black sludge build-up in the interior of the engine
  • Assures oil supply
  • Protects against engine damage due to clogged oil passages

ERC engine interior cleaner is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines, even with catalytic converters and turbochargers. It can be used with all motor oils and is designed for one-time use.

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