Transmission oil power additive 50ml


Product Code: TRAM1VQZ48

The special product with MoS2 smooth-running formula for reduction of friction and wear

ERC transmission oil power additive reduces fuel consumption and wear in the gear unit by heavily reducing friction.

The Effect

Friction means wear and increased fuel consumption. ERC transmission oil power additive is highly effective in reducing friction and wear by applying the scale-like MoS2 particles contained therein on the metal surfaces to enable shifting in relation to each other based on their parallel levels. Additional polymers improve the running dynamics.

The Result

ERC transmission oil power additive supplements the lubricating film with the MoS2 gliding film and thereby reduces friction. Harmful deposition is prevented and fuel consumption is reduced.

The benefits at a glance

ERC transmission oil power additive:

  • Special product with MoS2 smooth-running formula
  • Effectively reduces friction and wear
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces frequency of repairs
  • Assures smooth shifting and noise reduction
  • Increases the durability of the base oil and improves fail-safe running functions


ERC transmission oil power additive is suitable for all mineral and synthetic oils and can be used in all switching, differential, and steering gear units. 50 ml are added to 2,000 ml of transmission oil (1:40).

Do not use for automatic transmissions or in clutches running in an oil bath!

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