Stop Engine oil loss 200ml


Product Code: STO1L0QA34

The proven high-performance additive against oil loss in leaking engines

ERC stop motor oil loss brings an end to oil loss due to small leaks and damaged seals and thus ensures lower oil consumption and prevents unnecessary stress on the environment.

The Effect

Engine seals age, harden, and become leaky. ERC stop motor oil loss restores the elasticity to all seals in the oil circuit and reliably seals oil leaks.

The Result

The special active ingredients in ERC stop engine oil loss cause a swelling and regeneration of hardened seals in engines, gearboxes (not for automatic transmissions), differentials, and hydraulic systems. The elasticity, tear strength, and ultimate elongation of seals are thereby considerably improved and oil leaks are stopped.

The benefits at a glance

ERC stops motor oil loss:

  • Restores elasticity to all seals
  • Reliably seals oil leaks
  • Reduces oil consumption in the engine interior
  • Protects the environment, prevents contamination of car parks and garage parking

ERC stop motor oil loss is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines, as well as all mineral-based and synthetic oils and designed for one-time use. It can be added after an oil change, if necessary.

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