Petrol power additive 250ml - The combination of active ingredients for better acceleration and more power


Product Code: PETZV7WG98

Petrol power additive

Friction and wear reduction

The ERC petrol power additive with friction modifier assures reduction of friction and wear for better acceleration, more power, and lower fuel consumption.

The Effect

Even smooth metal surfaces appear coarse when viewed under a microscope. Friction means wear, higher fuel consumption, and loss of power. With the piston movements, friction losses occur in the engine, particularly at the upper piston ring. Deposits soil nozzles, inlet ports, and valves. They impair engine operation and increase harmful emissions and consumption. ERC petrol power additive reduces friction, cleans the entire fuel system, and prevents the build-up of new deposits.

The Result

ERC petrol additive improves acceleration, removes build-up and restores full engine performance.

The benefits at a glance

ERC petrol power additive:

  • reduces friction in the upper piston ring area to a minimum
  • cleans and prevents harmful build-up on carburettors, valves, injection nozzles, spark plugs, and in the combustion chamber
  • assures full engine performance and reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects against corrosion and carburettor ice build-up
  • Aids in environmental-friendly combustion
  • Reduces harmful substances in the exhaust gas
  • Counteracts pinging and knocking
  • Proven in use with catalytic converters and turbochargers


The ERC petrol power additive is designed for regular use and for all standard and super petrol types.


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