Motor oil power additive 200ml


Product Code: MOTEZAAQ7

The high-performance motor oil additive which reduces friction and wear

ERC motor oil power additive with friction modifier reduces friction, wear, and sediments. It also improves the oil supply and stabilises viscosity with reduced oil sludge formation. All these features contribute to improved engine performance.

The Effect

With the ageing of oil in everyday engine operation, build-up and clogging of filters and oil passages occur. ERC motor oil power additive removes this deposits, improves the oil supply, and protects metal surfaces.

The Result

ERC motor oil power additive assures a clean engine, reduced wear, better oil supply, and lower fuel consumption.

The benefits at a glance

ERC motor oil power additive:

  • Reduces friction and wear and increases engine performance
  • Cleans build-up off the engine and oil passages
  • Safeguards and improves oil supply
  • Reduces noises and stabilises oil pressure
  • Protects against oil ageing and corrosion
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust gases
  • Extends engine service life
  • Improves cold start and fail-safe running functions

ERC motor oil power additive is suitable for petrol and diesel engines and can be used for all mineral and synthetic motor oils.

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