Carburettor cleaner 1L


Product Code: CARJTIGM21

Concentrate for effective carburettor cleaning

ERC carburettor cleaner breaks down all deposits and soiling and is an indispensable tool for professional service in specialist workshops.

The Effect

During operation, impurities collect in the carburettor chamber and the carburettor parts. They can impair the function of the carburettor.

The Result

ERC carburettor cleaner is a special concentrate which was developed for the simple cleaning of residue and impurities. With a single use, all impurities are broken up and removed. The carburettor is then as clean as the day it left the factory.

The benefits at a glance

ERC carburettor cleaner:

  • Cleans all carburettor parts
  • Is highly effective
  • Simple application

For professional service in specialist workshops ERC carburettor cleaner can either be poured into the carburettor chamber (1:4 dilution in petrol) or the dirty parts are inserted in the concentrate (1:1 dilution).

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