Diesel cold guard 200ml


Product Code: DIEJLMUT19

Safe through the winter thanks to tank-side additive

ERC diesel cold guard is a highly concentrated flow improver for diesel fuel and is indispensable for safe winter operation.

The Effect

Diesel fuel contains paraffin for clean combustion and lubrication. Paraffin forms crystals when cooling. As temperatures drop lower, the crystal formation increases, wherein increasingly larger clumps form, which can clog lines and filters. ERC diesel cold guard contains active ingredients which envelop the paraffin crystals and prevent further growth and agglomeration with other crystals. They form additional crystal nuclei. This results in more, but especially small paraffin crystals which can easily pass through the filter.

The Result

The flow enhancer ERC diesel cold guard prevents the formation of large paraffin crystals, increases performance reliability of diesel vehicles in the winter and improves the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) at temperatures down to -33 °C depending on the diesel quality. The CFPP describes the temperature at which the cooled mineral oil sample no longer flows sufficiently through a screen with a defined mesh width.

The benefits at a glance

ERC diesel cold guard:

  • Keeps paraffin crystals small and filter-compatible
  • Increases the cold-weather reliability of all diesel fuels
  • Is indispensable for safe winter operation


ERC diesel cold guard is designed for regular use in the autumn and winter months and suitable for all diesel engines, even with DPF. ERC diesel cold guard should already be added when refuelling before the cold weather arrives.

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