Diesel additive 200ml


Product Code: DIEXIADF70

For problem-free, year-round diesel operation

ERC diesel additive, the additive with real broadband effect for problem-free, year-round diesel operation is also suitable for bio-diesel and improves the operation of diesel engines in a number of ways.

The Effect

Fluctuating fuel qualities can impair performance and consumption of diesel engines. Carbonisation on the injection nozzles increases fuel consumption. Without sufficient protection from cold lines and filters can clog. ERC diesel additive solves these problems with its real broadband effect in both summer and winter conditions. It improves the cold start-up properties, assures cleanliness on the nozzles and in the system, reduces consumption and CO2 emissions, and improves flow characteristics, even in the cold.

The Result

With the use of ERC diesel additive in combination with diesel fuel qualities in accordance with DIN, a cetane number improvement by up to 12 per cent is achieved. The increased cetane number improves ignitability and fuel utilisation, even with bio-diesel. ERC diesel additive also improves the engine sound and exhaust behaviour.

The benefits at a glance

ERC diesel additive:

  • Improves cold start-up, improves engine performance
  • Cleans the fuel system and injection nozzles
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Reduces wear and engine knocking by up to 60 per cent
  • Increases cold-weather reliability of fuel in winter
  • Reduces harmful substances in exhaust gas, lowers CO2 emissions, and thus protects the environment
  • Relieves the diesel particulate filter and is suitable for operation with DPF

ERC diesel additive is designed for year-round, regular use and is suitable for use in all diesel engines (even with DPF) and diesel fuels (even bio-diesel).

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