CatClean 250ml


Product Code: CAT8E0KZ15

Concentrate for regeneration of diesel particulate filters

ERC CatClean cleans dirty particulate filters with catalytic reduction of the ignition temperature.

The Effect

Soot build-up in diesel particulate filters only burn without the use of an additive at a temperature of 500 to 600 °C. These values are not reached in normal operation. ERC CatClean works catalytically and reduces the ignition temperature of the soot to approx. 350 °C, and so continuous burn-off of soot is guaranteed even at low-load and correspondingly low temperatures.

The Result

ERC CatClean ensures a permanent, additive-supported regeneration of the diesel particulate filter during operation. Soot particles are continuously cleaned from the filter by direct burn-off without maintenance, downtimes, or problems. ERC CatClean is suitable for every filter material and does not change the diesel quality.

The benefits at a glance:

ERC CatClean:

  • Guarantees continuous soot burn-off
  • Reduces the ignition temperature of soot to 350 °C
  • Works catalytically
  • Can be used in any diesel engine/generator with additive supported particulate filter systems


ERC CatClean guarantees filter regeneration with drastic reduction of environmental stress in a cost and time-efficient manner and results in improved burn-off and soot reduction.

Depending on the filter manufacturer's recommendations 250ml of ERC CatClean is used in 250l of diesel fuel.

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